Other Services

Other Services

We are physical and energetic beings and in the same way that people need to clean their physical bodies when dirty or get adjustments when out of alignment people need to clean and realign their energy body too.

Many cultures have different words to describe the life-force energy that is part of every living thing.  It is called Chi, Ki, Prana, and many other names across the world.  This life-force energy runs through meridians and energy centers called chakras throughout our bodies.  You can experience a unique healing session to bring balance to your body, mind and spirit and release tension, stress and anxiety.

Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT (often known as EFT tapping or Tapping), is a meridian based therapy that combines acupressure and psychological affirmations to help to transform your thoughts and improve your physical, mental and spiritual health. EFT is based on the same meridians that have been used in traditional acupuncture to treat physical and emotional ailments for over five thousand years, without the use needles. Instead, your own fingers are used to tap onto the specific meridians on the head, chest and hands while you address a specific problem and voice affirmations.

Sessions in EFT to help clients relieve stress, remove negative emotions, reduce food cravings, reduce or eliminate fears and phobias, reduce or eliminate pain and implement positive goals. EFT is a short term based therapy that can help in as few as 6 to 8 session for specific issue. EFT can be used in conjunction to long term therapy to help heal past wounds to help an individual move forward in their lives to find greater freedom in their lives.

Body Resonance Diagnostics = Complete health analysis scan covering 34 vital functions of the body, with custom diagnosis and plan for healing.

Ayurvedic Healing = Bio-available Liquid Customized Formulas to promote Youth and vitality, reverse disease, anti age, etc

Art is a powerful process which fosters change, provides relaxation, reduces anxiety, and articulates oneself. As humans it is necessary for us to have a way of expressing ourselves on a day to day basis. Being expressive through the creation of music, art, food, writing, movement, dance or acting allows individuals to externalize their internal landscape. Creating something is a pleasurable activity and promotes wellbeing just like laughing.

Art Therapy helps to tap into the unconscious, creating therapeutic artwork can help clients gain insight into different parts of themselves. This is done by externalizing internal thoughts, emotions and memories through the expression of art.  The process of making artwork accesses the right side of your brain allowing you to be more in touch with your emotions, intuition and creativity.

During a session of Art Therapy clients are guided using metaphoric and somatic based work to help them externalize their feeling through art.  By externalizing the problem clients can dissociate from the problem, causing the ability to view the problem more objectively and dissect it and understand the problem in a non-threatening way.


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What our clients say

In addition to all of the wonderful crystals, incenses, books, candles, etc., it is the network of healers at this place that is most incredible.  This is truly a special meeting place where everyone (and that means, canines, too!) is welcomed as an old friend...probably because we are.

Mau R.,
Los Angeles, CA

Thank you to the folks at Liberate for being a place of solace, positivity, guidance (and fun!) in crazy L.A. Everyone here is so genuinely friendly and, for real, incredibly smart and gifted. My mind is constantly blown. The best spot in town. =)

Lisa R.,
Los Angeles, CA

This intimate store has a community vibe that welcomes all spiritual beings with open arms. In this divine emporium you can find incense, tarot cards, crystals with healing powers, stones, oils, pendulums, books, palm readings, hypnotherapy, reiki, and so much more. Liberate Emporium even offers classes and workshops which intrigued me. The store was packed with customers who were all very passionate about the products. Overall just a great positive energy floating around the room. If you're someone who digs metaphysics, then I insist on checking this place out...

Syd B.,
Los Angeles CA

As a person who works professionally in the holistic and healing communities, I just wanted to say, thank you for your services! It's not about quantity but quality here, and I'm pleased at the gesture this kind, little shop makes in its positive presence.

Thierry S.,
Las Vegas NV

Truly the most peaceful, tranquil and positive energy filled place I've been to in a long time. Once you go, you're addicted! I love the wealth of information available on just about anything spiritual. I've purchased most of my stones there and I'm very pleased with how knowledgeable the staff is and how caring and kind they are. I HIGHLY recommend this place just to appease your curiosity, or to get answers to a world of spiritual wisdom encompassed within those walls. Deepest Gratitude!

Alexx D.,
Los Angeles CA