Our Story

Liberate Emporium is a retail shop and holistic healing center in the heart of Los Feliz, Los Angeles, that stands for people transforming their lives. We pride ourselves on our heart-centered services and our exceptional practitioners. Liberate embodies warmth, love and instills peace and hope, giving people the means to achieve positive transformation.

Here at Liberate Emporium, we are focused on providing the tools for healing in an array of crystals and celestial creations, handmade and unique journals, incenses, candles, tarot and oracle decks as well as locally made jewelry. These aid in the development of meditation and exploring your psychic abilities. People love stopping in and picking up a gift for themselves or another that hold deeper meaning and which provide pivotal assistance, guidance or support in one’s life.

At Liberate Emporium we provide an array of services to help heal, transform and guide individuals. Currently, we offer Hypnosis, Energy Healing such as reiki, Life and Career Coaching, Nutritional Counselling and Intuitive Coaching. Our services are performed at our Los Feliz location and we also occasionally go to our client’s home or business. We service all ages and walks of life, from children to adults, from people of low social economic stand point to very wealthy. The people that visit us are open to alternative healing and have a spiritual belief system no matter what religion base they follow.

The Owner

Cristina Dam
Founder, Hypnotherapist, World Changer

Cristina Dam has proven over and over again that she is a motivator, leader, and innovator. Her aggressive approach to expand her education was evident from an early age. She was admitted into college early by special consideration and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology in only two and a half years. From there, she went on the fast track to earn her Master’s degree and has been going full speed ahead ever since. In addition, she also holds many other certifications and accolades related to her field.

Her life tells a story of passion, dedication and heart, striving always to make a difference in the world and in people she interacts with. It began in childhood with her joining the debate team, running for class president and organizing campaigns at school, among countless other activities and engagements. As she grew up this pursuit has just expanded into the communities that she has become apart of. An example of this is when Cristina created a Los Angeles-based program where she worked one-on-one with parolees to transition and reacclimate them back into society. In addition, she also organized and founded a substance abuse prevention program for inner city youth.

The longing and desire to create positive change has kept Cristina holding the creative space for what can she do next. She lives by Einstein’s quote “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, and imagination encircles the world.” She started working one on one with clients doing healing work and quickly moved into groups and motivational speaking. That led her to opening this amazing healing center, Liberate Emporium, in the summer of 2010. Liberate quickly became a staple in the community and is a place where people come come to heal, transform and gain their personal power back.

Cristina’s desire to continue to make positive impact on the world caused her to venture into additional impact driven business ventures. She started her travel and social networking company Xplorer, to help individuals connect back to nature and themselves. Cristina also saw the major impact media has on the world and became inspired by its power and reach which led her to write and create numerous TV show concepts and form her own production company, Liberation Productions. Believing anyone can do anything they put their mind to, Cristina wants to help others create amazing entertainment concepts that will help education, inspire and change the world.

Education and inspiration for the community

Liberate Emporium is committed to providing free educational content to help our community grow, expand and prosper. We provide enriching tools through the form of articles, videos and podcasts from not only our in-house practitioners but also experts within the field and the community at large. Check out some of our most popular posts below.

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